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BMC fails in the last electoral year 2012-2017

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  • BHC Team

As election season is now upon us, it is important to look back at the last 5 years and remember what we should have held BMC accountable for. Take a look at this list and hope the next 5 years hold more progress and development of the city.
BMC failed in enforcing strict rules towards the "No Selfie Zones" in the city, even after 3 deaths were recorded due to the issue. The civic body declared 16 places in Mumbai as "No Selfie Zones" and put out warning signs. However, they failed to do the least by appointing staff at restricted points or providing lifeguards in case of emergencies.

Mumbaikars had to suffer a delay in commute on a daily basis, due to the creation of massive potholes caused by heavy rainfall. BMC confidently stated that there were only 38 potholes remaining on the streets. A further look into this matter revealed that the above information was false, even after this clarification there was a delay in construction on major arterial roads and smaller inner streets. BMC fell flat on their promise of providing safe roads to the public.

The civic body failed to shut down the Deonar and Mulund dumping grounds past their 100 day deadline. The initial idea was to invite companies to set up power plants that would convert the garbage into energy. BMC guaranteed the project would be completed within a period of 3 months; however the process has not yet started. The last year, Mulund dumping ground caught a fire, which resulted in increased pollution levels.

No repairs were made to BMC's own Sitaram Mill Compound Municipal School, even after the property being in a bad condition. Parents have urged for repairs to be made as it compromises the safety of their children. Complaints of students not receiving clean water and having to use unsanitary toilets have also been registered, but the civic body has completely neglected the situation apart from placing bamboos to support a weak ceiling, post an accident on the school grounds.

BMC was inefficient when it came to demolishing illegal structures built on the grounds of Chinai College. Rusted and broken construction blockades had caused safety issues of students and college staff. BMC's building and proposals assistant engineers visited the unconstructed site after an incident was reported, but no legal action was taken for the issue and it remained unresolved.

A project was undertaken by the BMC to restore the city's choked water body; Mithi River and rejuvenating it by deepening and widening. The work had been split between BMC (11.4km) and MMRDA (6.4km). BMC at the time did claim to have completed 60% of the work, but failed to prove this to the union ministry which resulted in loss of funds for project continuation and development.

Property business channel, Magicbricks Now used the BMC app "MCGM 24x7” to file complaints regarding massive potholes in major localities. BMC promises to look into and solve any complaints within 48 hours. However, on revisiting the locations members of the Magicbricks Now team found no signs of repair.

Planting of trees is a necessity for negating the adverse effects of air pollution and beautification. However, a group of individuals were suspected to be polluting the soil with harmful chemicals. BMC did take matters into their hand, but failed to identify the gang behind these chemical attacks.

Take Away
Be the change; cast your vote on the 21st of February, 2017.
Be persistent and push the BMC to fulfill necessities.
Pressurize the civic body to meet promised deadlines and increase their efficiency rate.
Take a stand, don't adjust or compromise on basic needs.
Be aware and stay well connected.