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9 Things Only Mumbaikars Say

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When you've lived long enough in a city, it's as if it starts running through your veins like blood. It shapes your personality so much so, that quite unconsciously, you radiate its presence through your walk, your talk and your behaviour. Well, Mumbai has its own individuality and when you're part of the crowd, you're just too used to its eccentricities. We've decided to highlight a few of them for you and show you, that being part of Mumbai is just as fun as it is a matter of great pride!

Pani Kum:
Here's the 'Mumbaiya' version of what you call someone who's just not cool enough, or doesn't carry his image off too well. So the next time you find someone who's just not sparkling with the right vibe, you've got the right word for him, Pani Kum!!

Remember that kid who was always too afraid to try anything to new, the butt of all jokes, always ready to hide behind a wall of fears and apprehensions? Well, Mumbaikars seem too well versed with the situation to describe it perfectly- Fattu!

Chipka Daal:
The man who's been eve teasing you, or the aunty who comes complaining about random things to your mother everyday! Well here's a word Mumbaikars use to teach them a good lesson ( even though we may not literally exercise the action upon the person referred to ) "Chipka Daal” or "Give him/ her a slap” is the Mumbai way of handling things.

The word that best describes the miser or cheapskate, never willing to part ways with his cash, no matter how demanding the situation might be. To add that extra tinge of drama to the situation, Mumbaikars ascribe the hindi- english version to the situation - "Chindi's" the word!

This word is for those particular kind of individuals who, very willingly, play the role of the annoying mosquito, that keeps buzzing around your face, even though he might not actually suck your blood. When the level of annoyance you're experiencing, is just beyond your control, you know you want to shout "Get Out” as long as you possibly can, "Hattaa” is the right word straight from the Mumbaikar dictionary.

A lingo connoted for all those who've crossed the border between trying to prove themselves as the brightest cookie in the jar, and actually annoying you in making too much of an effort. That's what we Mumbaikar's call Shaane or the over-smart stud who's getting in everyone's way for trying too hard.

Bole To:
All this while, you've stuck with the "What do you mean?” and puzzled look on your face, for everything you don't really understand. Now its time to add that extra Mumbai flavour to your style, and say ‘Bole To!' instead.

Everybody calls a date, khajoor in India. Well Mumbaikars, with their creative-nack, came up with a livelier version of the word. Anybody whose intelligence runs a little slower than usual, are connoted with the word "Khajoor” in the Mumbai world.

For all those who are experts at meddling with other's affairs and never really getting caught in the act, Jugaad is what they do! Its almost growing to become a title for those who've taken it up as their second nature.