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Breaking It Down: Applying for a Passport in Mumbai

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  • BHC Team

A passport is one of the most convenient and multi-purpose documents issued by the Government of India. Not only does it ensure smooth immigration and travel to foreign countries but it also helps in representing a country on a global platform.

Where you need to go?

The city of Mumbai has 3 Passport Seva Kendra's (PSK)
* PSK Andheri
* PSK Lower Parel
* PSK Malad

Things to keep in mind before applying:
* A minor can present address proof documents in the name of the parents and/or guardians
* An annexure H must be provided for the passport application of a minor
* Annexure H is a legal declaration made by the minor's parents/ guardians for issuing the passport
* A birth certificate is mandatory if the applicant is born after 26/01/ 1989
* An applicant submitting a ration card/ voter ID card/ aadhar card is required to support the documentation with another address proof
* Consider thoroughly reading about the annexure/affidavit list
* Scheduling an appointment is a necessity, exceptions can only be made for pre-approved emergency and medical cases

What you need to take along?
* Address proof

Ex. Ration card/ Voter ID/ Aadhar card/ Phone or electricity bill with a valid and updated address/ a notarized rental agreement if you are staying in a rented apartment
* Age proof : Ex. School leaving certificate/ Authorized birth certificate by a municipal authority

The process:
Step 1- register on the PSK online portal and login with the provided ID. Select the fresh passport application category and follow up by filling in the required information and submitting the form.

Step 2- click on the ‘pay and schedule' option and pre-arrange an appointment depending on the availability. Appointment availability status is a newly launched feature by PSK to aid and ease the process.
Step 3- online payments are a compulsion and can be made by using credit/ debit cards, internet banking or a SBI challan
Step 4- printing out the application through the provided link is mandatory as is contains details of the application, application reference number (ARN) and appointment number.
Step 5- it is a necessity to carry all required and original documents to the appointment.

Tatkaal applications:
An individual with a genuine urgency is eligible to apply for the Tatkaal applications, at an additional cost. The procedure is similar to that of a normal application. However, the individual must state and prove a reason to receive the passport on urgent grounds.