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What can the youth do to help Mumbai progress?

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Mumbai, the city of dreams, has an abundance of things that it offers to the youth. In turn, the youth can do a lot of things to help their city progress.

Baby steps, the little things that count, all cumulatively amount to a lot. Simple things like following traffic rules and regulations can go a long way. Obey the signals, walk on the pavement, cross only when the traffic has halted. Help an elderly person or a blind person cross the road.

Leonardo di Caprio, in his Oscar acceptance speech, spoke about climate change and the effect it has on the earth. The youth can work towards reducing the pollution that plagues the city. This can be done by not littering, and preventing others from doing so too. Carpool to places to reduce exhaust fumes. Reduce your carbon footprint by following these simple steps. Turn off the tap when you brush, switch off the lights when you leave the room. A small act like planting a single tree can have a huge long term impact.

The youth, being the future leaders of the city, must be aware of the problems that Mumbai is facing. A good education paired with awareness about one's surroundings would be a step towards becoming better citizens of tomorrow. To tackle the issues that the city faces, the youth must first be able to read, understand, think, write and discuss the same.

Values should be inculcated from the beginning. Each faith teaches us to be better human beings, to do good. Values like integrity, honesty, modesty, fidelity, charity seem to be lacking in this city at times. Don't bribe a cop. Don't call the driver who cut your lane a ‘baap ka…' As for charity, little goes a long way. Feed one homeless child a week. Or better yet, go to an NGO and teach a dozen of them how to read. These are small steps towards progress.

As future leaders of the country, the youth must play an active role in making Mumbai a city of dreams. Progress can be achieved in many ways. As the youth comprises of the largest part of Mumbai's population, small changes at the grass-root level all add up and create a huge impact. If more than 80,000 citizens can attend a concert dedicated to global progress, maybe some of us can start small and promise ourselves a better tomorrow for our city.