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Predictions And Rumours About 2017

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  • BHC Team

Let's give you a teaser of what 2017 holds for all Mumbaikars.

Student elections are finally going to return to Mumbai after twenty years of remaining under a ban. As a result of the regular spurts of violence that were witnessed through the election process, student elections were assumed to take the backseat for a long period of time. Now, after several years, efforts are being made to to reinstate student elections observing strict norms and behavioural codes.

Mid 2017 finally hails the arrival of Mumbai as the ‘Smart City' we have always dreamed for it to be. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has declared that efforts will be made to bring the smart city into formation. Moreover, the Chief Minister has also declared that the entire country will witness the creation of Digital India, a well developed and integrated country that will enjoy overall digital welfare in every nook and corner of the country.

2017 is sure to witness as many as 1200 free wi- fi hotspots all over Mumbai. The government has declared that the wi- fi will also give you access to real time data on public transport, including available parking slots and BEST buses tracking.

Finally, Mumbai will welcome its own integrated ticketing system, which includes a single Smart-card, which will apply for all forms of public transport. No more queues at the station, or fighting your way to the ticket conductor in the bus or buy separate tickets each time you wish to travel through the city using public transport.

100 years in the making, and finally 2017 will bring the inauguration of the National Museum on Indian Cinema. The museum is meant to serve as a centre dedicated to the history of Indian Cinema. Set to be established at the Films Division on Pedder Road, the museum will showcase the history of Indian Cinema right from its inception, depicted through artefacts, recordings, regional films and documentaries.

The BMC is intending to begin a helicopter service that will airlift injured victims and aid their transport to any hospital in the city. Air ambulances will also be used for emergency organ transportation. The BMC intends to maintain these services free of cost and are said to have already started selecting spots all over the city for helicopter landings.

As per reports, Chief Minister Fadnavis has allotted 20 acres of land for the creation of Mumbai's own training institution for visual effects, animation, gaming and comics. Undergraduate and post-graduate degrees will be deployed for the students of the institution.

As Big Happy City embraces the adventures that 2017 hold for Mumbai, we know only too well that our efforts are entirely in vain without a collective effort on each one's part. It is the collective responsibility of each citizen that will eventually lead to an integrated, forward-looking and dynamic future.

The reinstatement of Student Elections in Mumbai
Mumbai hails the arrival of a "Smart City”
1200 free wi-fi hotspots to be established all over the city
The inauguration go the National Museum of Indian Cinema
The initiation of Air Ambulances to assist the needy
The creation of Mumbai's training institution for visual effects and animation.