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42 things that went through my mind while watching the 42k marathon

  • 24 Jan, 2017 |
  • BHC Team

1. Honestly why am I up so early in the morning.

2. Oh wait it's a part of my job to do this.

3. Why does one choose to torture themselves like this?

4. I would never consider doing this.

5. Or should I be?

6. I would probably last a strong 5 minutes.

7. No I can't do that, I have a reputation to maintain.

8. I came first in the one and only 100m race I ran in the 8th grade.

9. Got to uphold that reputation.

10. How bad could this even be?

11. What happened to Sunday brunches you guys?

12. Aren't Sundays supposed to be fun days?

13. How is running a marathon more appealing than giant Belgian waffles and pina coladas?

14. Wait. Are marathons going to trend in 2017? Because then I'm going to have to run one.

15. *Currently on Google search* standard chartered marathon cause.

16. How many hours in 42km again?

17. Never mind, this is quite a calculation for this hour.

18. Think I'm going to make some popcorn.

19. Let me just grab a can of coke while I'm at it.

20. Are you for real? Popcorn and cola while watching the marathon?

21. Stop being miserable and stick to eating that nutri bar.

22. Oh yes. It's finally starting. I'm excited now.

23. My very first VIRTUAL marathon experience.

24. This looks fun already.

25. Everyone there looks oddly attractive. This is what a healthy lifestyle does to you.

26. Extremely lovely and cheerful people. Let's see how they feel in a couple of minutes.

27. I'm sure these participants have lived in the gym for the past few months.

28. I'm definitely going to pick my top 5.


30. I'm pretty sure the contestants get delicious treats at every stop.

31. All that cheering seems like it really, really helps.


33. This has got to be Kheta Rams life's best moment.

34. Jyoti Gavte you beast.

35. How did she manage to finish in 2 HOURS 50 MINUTES and 53 SECONDS?

36. I'd probably take an entire day to finish.

37. But to be honest watching this has got me super motivated.

38. I'm definitely running a marathon very soon.

39. Or maybe I'll just be a part of the cheer squad.

40. No. I'll just choose the one with the shortest route.

41. They got to meet John Abraham though.