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Your Cheap Guide to a Fabulous Day in Mumbai

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  • BHC Team

"Mumbai" tends to create a rather vivid image of lots of BEST Buses, vendors, beggars, cars honking and an insane number of buildings packing the streets. Whether you've personally been to the city or not, or you've heard of it over conversation. Once you've visited Mumbai, you're most likely to let yourself loose and have the best time of your life. And you don't have to own a fancy Porsche and have a pocket full of dollars to feel 'The Bombay Vibe'. Mumbai is also the one place that harbours the fulfilment of ever possibility you can dream of. Over and above all, the city brings life back into the word fun and literally takes it to a whole new level.

If this brief description doesn't arouse your curiosity enough, here's BHC's list of places to visit to make your trip to Mumbai just as fabulous as it can get.

Seaside: Mumbai's beauty hides behind its beautiful sunrises and sunsets, by the blue waters of the sea. As the waters hit against the shore, you can feel all your weariness dissolve into the serenity of the atmosphere. Spend your early hours soaking the sun by the calm waters of Juhu Beach or Bandra or Worli Sea Face. Grab a bite and binge on some lip smacking 'sev puri' or 'chat' and let the magic of the evening unfurl all your troubles away.

The ferry ride to Elephanta:Abundant waters in every direction with no land surrounding you, aboard a small boat, that pretty much sums your trip to the Elephanta Island. Visit the Elephanta Caves at the islands, a designated world heritage site that embodies ancient beauty and mysticism. The first ferry to Elephanta leaves at 5.30 pm at a mere 150/ head

Stroll through the streets of Fort: Whether its the architectural marvel, The Bombay House or the Bombay Stock Exchange, one of India's tallest towers, these hidden lanes behold some of Mumbai's most beautiful constructions that personify elegance and exquisiteness. Miniature, yet magnanimous in their servings, Iranian restaurants and cafes sprinkled all over these lanes only add to the marvel, wonder and excitement of the experience.

Marine Drive: One of Mumbai's most popular landmarks, Marine Drive personifies romance, gaiety and beauty, The ideal spot for all those looking to sit idle and imbibe the beauty of sitting by the waves. The street that houses innumerable delicious food of all sorts at a rather reasonable price. Marine drive is studded with a series of street lamps that, during evenings, light up all at once and make up the "beads of The Queens Necklace," when viewed from a distance. A sight for all tourists to capture at least once!

Prithvi Cafe: The quintessential for all Cinema lovers, Prithvi theatre is just the place you want to go to. The one place where you're bound to spot phenomenal actors such as Naseeruddin Shah or Shashi Kapoor in full form, Prithvi Cafe has a beautiful serene atmosphere, where you're most likely to witness unique original performances first hand, as you sip on the best cup of "cutting chai" you've ever had.

Bade Miyan:A local miniature food stall located somewhere between the lanes of Colaba, Bade Miyan has gained a widespread reputation of cooking the most sumptuous seekh kebabs and bhuna ghost. Although the ambience is determined by a narrow stall in a forever crowded street, its just the stall you're looking to visit if you are a true food lover, who wishes to enjoy a his meals at a rather low price.

Borivali National Park:Situated in heart of Mumbai's northern suburbs, Borivali National Park is spread across a region of 104 sq. km. Enjoy your day going on a tiger or lion safari, boating, or witnessing the centuries old Kanheri Caves. A must visit for all nature lovers, Borivali National Park also serves as the ideal spot for the perfect getaways or just a little family picnic.

Horse Riding at Mahalakshmi Racecourse:Whether you're a member or not, you're always welcome to the Mahalakshmi Racecourse. Approach any one of the counters there, bet on any horse of your choice and fill your evening with thrill and excitement . Be a part of the tournament and fiesta that falls between November and April and the first Sunday of February. Enjoy absolutely delectable food at Gallops, Neel and Olive Bar and Kitchen, all located within the precincts of the racecourse.

Colaba:Awaken into the early morning hours and enjoy the vibrance and colours of Colaba as it gradually sets into action. Let the fragrance of freshly prepared tea fill your senses, watch little children scuttling their way to school and fishermen rushing to ensure their haul makes it on time to the market, at Sassoon Docks. Visit the 'The Table' situated just by the Taj, and enjoy the most fabulous cuisine that exceeds all your expectations. Spend your beautiful evening shopping through the bustling streets of Colaba Causeway or grab a drink at the famous Cafe Leopold or Cafe Mondegar.