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Mumbai Police Now Have Eyes all Over the City: Under the Watch of CCTV Surveillance

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Earlier this year, the State Government of Maharashtra announced that the city of Mumbai would be under the eyes of closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) surveillance systems. On Sunday, October 02, 2016, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Devendra Fadnavis inaugurated the city-wide CCTV surveillance system in Mumbai.

The State Government of Maharashtra has installed a total of 4,717 CCTV cameras in 1,510 spots. These 4,710 CCTV cameras include an array of fixed box cameras, pan, tilt, zoom, thermal cameras, and 5 mobile video surveillance vans. The feed from all the cameras is to be beamed straight to the Mumbai Police control room and the Mumbai Traffic Police control room.

The inauguration function for the launch of the Mumbai city surveillance project was held at Shanmukhanand Hall in Sion. At the inauguration function, Fadnavis informed the public how keeping up with modern technology is of utmost importance. One needs to keep in mind the rapid development the city has gone through, in the recent past. "The cameras will take some load off the police machinery and will help maintain law and order, deal with crime, and regulate traffic. It will also help detect the number plates of errant vehicles. We have also installed GPS trackers in 1,000 police vehicles so that they can be tracked and the nearest one, dispatched to the scene of disturbance," said Fadnavis.

Another remarkable, high-tech feature of the surveillance system is a facial recognition software linked to it, which can scan faces in the footage and match it to the data stored in the police database. Additionally, the Mumbai Police has linked the CCTV footage from several commercial and residential institutions, to the control room. The Mumbai Police has set up two additional control rooms in Worli and Kalina, to view the footage round the clock, and 120 additional viewing centres across the city. The Mumbai Police top brass will also have direct access to the feed.

"All police stations in the State have been linked through the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System. Maharashtra is the first to do so. Further, Pune now has an option for registering an FIR online, which we will provide to other cities soon," said Mr. Fadnavis. Chief Secretary Swadheen Kshatriya said that the CCTV surveillance project had been completed in Mumbai and Pune, and it would be extended to other cities.