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How A Cab Driver At Mumbai Airport Conned Fliers

  • 12 Dec, 2016 |
  • BHC Team

A cab driver in Mumbai was recently apprehended for cheating customers. The driver would ask the passenger to give him change for a Rs. 1000 note, and on receiving two Rs. 500 bills, he would use the 'slight of hand' method, to replace the Rs. 500 notes with Rs. 100 notes. He would thus extract more money from the inattentive customers. The crime was brought to light after a passenger named Priyank Bhala came forward, and registered a case with the police.

After investigating the matter and making an arrest, the entire scenario was brought out in the open. Manoj Gurnani, 51 years of age, worked alongside with an agent who would lead passengers to the car, after which they would meticulously enact their parts in order to succeed with their plot. Authorities state that the crime had been taking place for several months, but since the amounts were not exorbitant, passengers would not waste their time lodging a case against the drivers.

A police officer stated that Bhala had registered a complaint which briefly explained the functioning of this con. The incident took place 10 days ago, when he landed at the airport. According to Bhala's testament, the incident took place ten days ago when he arrived at the airport. Bhala guided Kanyal to Gurnani, who rented tourist vehicles and worked as a driver. Gurnani asked Bhala for change of Rs. 1000. However, Gurnani was already prepared with two Rs. 100 notes instead of two Rs.500. He returned the change and instantly accused Bhala of returning only two Rs.100 notes instead of Rs. 500 and asked for change again.

The issue with petty crimes such as this, is that, due to the insignificant amounts that they entail, passengers often assume personal negligence instead of fighting against injustice. A meagre amount of Rs. 500, does not warrant a long tedious trip down to the police station, and as a result gives ammunition to the conman to continue with their ways.

Bhala got out of the car and realised that he had been cheated. He went back to the airport to find Gurnani, and later approached the police. The Airport police then showed him a photo of Gurnani arrested earlier this year in an identical case, but let out on bail. Bhala identified that the man in the photo was Gurnani, a conman and a well trained cheater. On October 24, he was traced using his address and arrested with Kanyal. The police said CCTV cameras at the airport also came in handy. He was produced before a magistrate's court and remained in police custody for a day.