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Meet The Man Who Saved 50 Lives

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  • BHC Team

Everyone wants to make it big, live luxuriously and find their own happiness. What if this happiness meant sacrificing your own well built career, and trying to save the lives of absolute strangers? It certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea. One wouldn't want to give away a settled life for something unpredictable, which doesn't generate enough money nor does it entail any fame or popularity.

That is the thought process most of us are conditioned with which inevitably falls apart when you meet the likes of Bunty Rao from Jharkhand. Foregoing his career as a photographer, Bunty decided to move to Mumbai. Shortly through his stay, he began noticing a lot of people plunging into deep waters of the sea just for fun, inevitably jeopardising their lives. Somehow, the general ignorance that people lived with in relation to safe water sports and swimming, pushed Bunty Rao towards working as a "Lifeguard."

While roaming on the sands of the Juhu beach with his DSLR camera, he kept an eye over the horizon to ensure the safety of all the people around him.

Bunty has now been working as a lifeguard with Baywatch Lifeguard Association (BLA) for 16 years. Established by Sayeed Shama, this NGO also trains civil men. BLA has positioned trained lifeguards across all the beaches to save people's lives. It also provides training, first-aid and practical education to the hawkers as well as vendors, spreading awareness about emergency response in order to avoid a calamity. The best part being that all these services are free of cost. Not only this, but BLA is also responsible for making civilians realise their duties and ensuring that they fulfil it. They spread awareness about civic responsibility, cleanliness and hygiene, for the overall happiness of the city.

In the past 16 years Bunty has managed to save more than 50 lives. According to him, the most risky time of the year is that of Ganesh Visarjan, when people recklessly swim into the deep, turbulent waters. This is when he risks his own life in order to save the other's. Staying at the beach till 10 pm everyday, he makes Juhu beach, one of the safest beaches in Mumbai. Attaining accolades from local newspapers has helped Bunty gain a certain amount of recognition in the city. Acknowledged as a saviour, people now approach him during times of emergency.

Bunty continues with his passion for photography by working at various events and shooting documentaries which help sustain his family. Despite the odds, he manages to rescue more than 50 lives who have made an attempt to commit suicide, devotees who entered for immersion rituals and people who went for a swim. Knowing that there are very few trained lifeguards, Bunty chooses to volunteer, keeping in mind the rising number of deaths at the beach. Also trained by BLA, he provides free services solely for the well-being of the people.

A man with a humble heart, Bunty Rao sets an example to live for others without thinking of one's selfish interests. After all life doesn't come with a price tag, it is something invaluable. Bunty Rao, through his exemplary acts, has definitely created a treasured place in the hearts of innumerable people all over. He has set an example by pledging to save lives and keeping it unconditional.