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Mumbai Has Highest Car Density In India

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No matter who you are, how rich you are or how much power you have; if you have lived in Mumbai, you are bound to have been stuck in traffic at one time or another! Ever wondered about the number of cars that are driven on the Mumbai roads, given that the population of the city is estimated to reach 25 million. Recent statistics from the transport ministries gives us an insight into exactly that. Recent reports state that Mumbai has the highest car density among all cities in India. With an average of 430 cars per square kilometer, it is a good 30% higher than its closest competitor, Kolkata.

The second in the list is Kolkata which has 308 cars/ sq. km of road. Pune comes third with 248 cars/ sq. km. Interestingly enough, Delhi's car density is only 93 cars/ sq. km, in spite of the fact that it has the largest amount of private cars (28 lakhs approximately).

Mumbai, on the other hand, has fewer private cars. However the high density remains the same due to lack of road infrastructure. Roadside parking- another prevalent problem within the main-roads of the city, with parked cards only adding to the commotion. Ashok Datar, a Mumbai Environmental Social Network member, said, "Public transport can never grow unless we remove cars parked on the road, at least in major arteries. About 20% road space is used for car parking." Rishi Aggarwal, Mumbai Transport Forum co-convener, suggests the government must support and strengthen aggregator AC buses, which will allow significant amount of space to be freed up on the roads.

The road network in Mumbai has been stagnant at 2000 kilometers for several years now. With 20% of roads being used as parking spots, Mumbai adds approximately 172 cars per day, creating further congestion. This has resulted in a whopping 56% rise in the number of private vehicles owned and driven in Mumbai, taking the total up to 8.6 lakh. The reports also mentioned that approximately 85% of all traffic congestion in Mumbai city is caused by private cars.

There seems to be a 'chicken and egg' problem with this issue of traffic congestion. The cars and traffic need infrastructure to reduce its congestion. City planners claim that the outnumbering car density has been the most severe issue hampering the growth of infrastructure and increasing quality of public transportation. The organisation and improvement of public transport will greatly reduce the congestion caused by private vehicles. This is something that Delhi has successfully implemented into its city network, thereby causing low car density.

Mumbai Transport Forum co-convener Rishi Aggarwal said private cars have also become affordable for the middle class. "It is easy to get a loan with comfortable EMIs of Rs 5,000-8,000 for a hatchback. Parking will become a nightmare if the car population goes unchecked", he added. Public or state owned vehicles account for a measly 19% of the total number of cars on the

roads of Mumbai, and make up a density of 82 vehicles / square kilometer. "Private cars will keep growing unless there are good alternatives and a robust public transport system of AC buses and metros," said expert Sunil Mone. "The Ghatkopar-Versova metro has dissuaded many from using cars along east-west corridor," he added.